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Welcome to Schmick Law Offices, P.C. We are a three-lawyer, “boutique” law firm founded in 1995. We focus exclusively on legal matters relating to business and business owners. Many of our clients are entrepreneurial or family-owned businesses, for which we serve as general counsel. We are appreciative and proud of our many long-term client relationships, several of which have continued into new generations of client ownership and management.

A substantial portion of our practice involves acquisition or disposition of businesses. We regularly handle complex transactions involving tens of millions of dollars. We also handle all types of financing transactions, including transactions with banks and other lenders, and with venture investors.

Other significant areas of our practice include negotiation and preparation of contracts and agreements of all types, business-related real estate transactions, employment matters, and participation in strategic planning.

Our lawyers have the same overall focus in their practices, which supports our ability to work as a cohesive team with appropriate back-up.

Our philosophy is to be proactive and preventive. We try to anticipate and address potential problems and misunderstandings before they occur. When disputes do occur, we seek to find a businesslike, negotiated solution whenever possible. When litigation is necessary, we assist our client in retaining experienced litigation counsel from a network of select firms with which we have longstanding relationships. While we do not directly handle any litigation in our office, we do work closely with litigation counsel in developing and adjusting litigation strategies, particularly in complex or high-value cases.

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